Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey – How She Lost 15 To 20 Pounds?

Amanda Batula Weight Loss plan is not difficult to follow. She incorporated Bulletproof coffee and intermittent fasting into Amanda Batula Weight Loss daily routine. In addition to these techniques, she stayed positive and confident about her new figure. By making small changes to Amanda Batula Weight Loss diet, she lost the weight that she had previously gained. This was possible only because she did not exercise and maintained her positive attitude. She also changed her workout routine.

Although Amanda Batula has lost 20 pounds, she’s still far from the ideal body type. She is five feet six inches tall, but she is still not the most athletic of people. She has trouble gaining weight if she doesn’t have a strong core, so she used the ketogenic diet to gain muscle mass. Using this method, she lost over 20 pounds in three months and is now a slimmer and more toned woman. She also has a lot more energy.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey - How She Lost 15 To 20 Pounds? Weight Loss

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey – How She Lost 15 To 20 Pounds?

Although Amanda Batula Weight Loss diet plan isn’t complicated, it has been proven to be effective for a variety of people. Using Amanda Batula Weight Loss program is a great way to lose weight and get a flatter, slimmer body. The best part of Amanda Batula Weight Loss program is that it’s free and you can even start a diet today. This is the only way to lose weight without a gym membership or the help of a personal trainer.

The reason why Amanda Batula has achieved such a significant amount of weight is that she doesn’t count calories. She credits intermittent fasting with her success. She has also found that eating more protein and less carbs helps her lose between 15 and 20 pounds. Besides, she continues to eat her favorite foods and enjoys socializing with friends. She explains that calorie counting doesn’t help her lose any weight because she’s not eating a diet that’s not suited to her body.


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Amanda Batula lost over 20 kg.

Amanda Batula maintened the wonderful diet plan.

Amanda Batula weighs around 110 lbs.