How to Survive a Low Carb Diet

by admin on March 28, 2010

Eating plans like South Beach and the Ab Diet can help you lose weight, improve your cardiovascular health and ward off health conditions like diabetes.

Unfortunately, they are notoriously difficult to stick to. These hints can aid you survive and thrive while staying low-carb.

Know what you are allowed

Be definite to read your plan thoroughly before starting any diet. On low-carb diets, some old-fashioned “health foods” are restricted. On phase one of South Beach, for example, even fruits like apples and oranges are forbidden.

Don’t sabotage your weight loss efforts – know what you are allowed to eat and what should be kept out of the house.

Arm yourself with recipes

Who wants to eat the same insensible food everyday? Give yourself the best chance of success by investing in some cookbooks associated with your diet plan. If money is tight, check with your local library. Even if they don’t have what you need, most will be glad to order it through an interlibrary exchange.

Try as many recipes as possible and keep a file of your favorites. Try to find at least one recipe for something sweet, one for traditional comfort food, something quick and something fancy. With these minimums, you’ll be prepared for whatever culinary mood strikes.

Find support

Enlist your family to encourage you try new recipes and foods, or go on the diet with a friend. This will help you feel more accountable, and perhaps cause you to think twice before sneaking a contraband donut!

If you prefer a smidgen of anonymity with your diet, find an online message board. Internet support groups can be a great place to ask questions, find new recipes, and celebrate your success.

Stock your kitchen

Fill your panty and refrigerator with high quality foods that are both appealing and diet-friendly. Check with your specific belief, but some ideas for a low-carb kitchen include:

· broccoli

· cheese sticks

· shrimp

· chicken breasts

· broth

· cauliflower

· dismal beans

· milk

· turkey bacon

· steak

· fish

· lentils

· green beans

· sour cream

· ricotta

· cottage cheese

Have a secret weapon

Have a “go-to” food that is quick to form, satisfying and low carb. This might be string cheese, raw vegetables, ricotta mixed with artificial sweetener and cinnamon, or a sugar-free fudgecicle.

Be prepared

Can’t pass up that drive-thru window at the local fast food joint? Pack yourself some low-carb snacks and treat yourself to a diet soda instead.

An easy procedure to stay prepared is to simple cook an extra serving of dinner every night. Pack the leftovers in an appropriate container and stick it in your backpack or briefcase. For added convenience, take the time to cut up your food.

If you are the creative type, learn some techniques to arrange your food Bento-style. Your coworkers will envy your cute, low-carb lunches.

Accumulate a few restaurants that offer diet-friendly choices so that you don’t have to deny yourself some special nights out. When at restaurants, don’t be unnerved to ask how food is prepared or for substitutions.

Stretch yourself

While you are on a low-carb diet, odds are you won’t be able to enjoy all of your conventional favorites. Instead of lamenting the loss of your potato chips and ice cream, try to find some new favorites. Even if you’ve always hated cheese, for example, once you’ve broken your addiction to carbohydrates you may accept yourself loving the creamy sharpness of a good cheddar. Experiment with sauces and add-ins to spice up a simple chicken stir-fry. Learn some new cooking techniques that don’t rely on flour and breading.

A low-carb diet doesn’t have to be boring or torturous. Be prepared, try some new things, and enjoy losing weight and improving your health.

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